Ryun Montenegro

Born and raised in upstate New York, Ryun Montenegro graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts with a major in Film and Directing.  Ryun has always had a passion for storytelling and the filmmaking process, creating various media related video’s and content for companies and business while still creating and directing his own original films.  Ryun’s thesis film, “Endure” (featuring Joanna Bonaro) was about a young woman who volunteered for the military as a result of 9/11. During her deployment she is horribly wounded beyond recognition, cut off from the world due to the loss of her senses. The short film received praise from audiences and veterans, and a nomination for best short film at SVA’s Dusty Film Awards.  Ryun currently is a videographer and creator of video web content at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film institute and has several projects in development.